VW says it doesn’t make sense to bring the new Polo to the U.S.

Volkswagen has unveiled the all-new VW Polo subcompact, but if you were hoping that VW would finally bring it to the United States, prepare to be disappointed. Even though the VW Polo would be a great rival to other subcompacts, like the Ford Fiesta and Honda Fit, VW says that it has no plans to offer it in the U.S.

Why? Juergen Stackmann, VW’s global sales boss says that it doesn’t make sense to offer it in the U.S. market, which is dominated by SUVs and sedans. The price level of the subcompact segment in the U.S. is also “ridiculously low.”

“It doesn’t make too much sense for us to bring a car like this, which has the substance of a class higher, into a segment that is so price driven in America,” Juergen Stackmann told Automotive News.

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Currently the VW Golf is the brand’s entry level model in the U.S. lineup and it looks like it’s going to stay that way, especially since half of Golf sales in the U.S. are for the more expensive GTI.

“This is essentially where we start [in the U.S.],” he said. “Therefore, it makes little business sense to bring the Polo to the U.S. currently.”

VW has a different sales strategy for the United States, than it does in other markets, which is mainly sedan and SUV focused. “Our strategy for the U.S. will be SUV driven with the Atlas and Tiguan and there are two more coming. And we will also have sedans. That means we will compete in the segments that really make volume and business sense in the U.S.”

The all-new VW Tiguan is arriving this summer and following that we will soon get the smaller production version of the T-Roc small crossover.


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