Toyota will introduce a new subcompact crossover in 2-3 years

Toyota may have recently introduced the Toyota C-HR crossover, but Toyota sees more room in the segment for a second small crossover. Jack Hollis, Toyota Motor North America General Manager recently confirmed that Toyota will add a second subcompact crossover to its lineup within the next few years.

Toyota FT-4X Concept

“It’s like the 90s again, we can have more than one vehicle in each segment if they are different enough,” Jack Hollis told Motor Authority at the 2017 LA Auto Show.

Right now Toyota’s SUV lineup is already pretty fleshed out with the C-HR, RAV4, 4Runner, Highlander, Sequoia and Land Cruiser, but Toyota feels like there’s still room for another. The new subcompact crossover could take some cues from the three crossover SUV concepts that it’s unveiled this year, with the latest one being the FT-AC concept.

Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept

The FT-4X concept, TJ Cruiser concept and lastly the FT-AC concept all have different styling, but all of them are geared toward an active city dweller.

The new subcompact crossover will be based on Toyota’s TNGA platform, just like the C-HR. On big difference is that the new crossover will offer all-wheel drive, something that the C-HR is missing from its options list.

According to Hollis, the new subcompact crossover will arrive in the next two to three years.

Source: Motor Authority

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