This is probably the first look at the new Toyota Supra concept that is going to debut next month at the Geneva Motor Show. Toyota recently announced the new concept, which is expected to be called the Toyota Supra GRMN, but it only released a dark teaser of it. Now a scan taken from Japan’s Best Car magazine may provide a more details.

The scan was posted on the Supra MKV forum, which provides a better look at the new Supra concept. The rear wing seen here matches the wing in Toyota’s teaser as well. Toyota is still not saying if the Supra name will officially be used for its new sports car, but it did state that the concept, “signals Toyota’s commitment to bring back to the market its most iconic sports car.”

You’ll also notice that the letters “GTE” are included in the photo, which could mean that a Supra GTE race car is also in the works.

Stay tuned.