Chrysler has unveiled a minivan for millennials, with the debut of the new Portal concept. The Portal minivan concept is debuting this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

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According to Chrysler, the Portal minivan concept was designed for millennials, by millennials and is basically the automaker’s vision of what the minivan will look and feel like in the future. Since it a preview of the future, the concept also features a powertrain from the future with its fully electric system that can travel up to 250 miles thanks to a 100 kWh battery. The Portal concept can also drive itself thanks to a range of sensors. The concept has Level 3 self-driving capability, which is higher than the Level 2 capability that we’re presently at. The ultimate goal is to get to Level 5 capability, which means that a car can handle all driving conditions without a human onboard.


Compared to the new Pacifica, the Portal concept is 20 inches shorter, but still has room for up to six passengers. The interior also features a unique infotainment system with a appropriate “selfie” function and facial recognition technology that will automatically adjust settings like, the seat position, audio system volume and preset navigation destinations.


Are there plans to put the Portal concept into production? Highly unlikely, instead the concept is being used to showcase future technologies, which makes sense that it is debuting this week at CES, instead of in Detroit next week.


Source: Chrysler