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2020 VW Golf Teaser

2020 VW Golf teased ahead of its debut next year

The next-generation 2020 VW Golf is slated to debut next year, but VW recently showed off a teaser for the eighth-generation Golf.
2018 VW Golf R Review

2018 VW Golf R Review: When you can only have one...

The VW GTI is one of our favorite cars, not only because it's fun to drive, but it can also double as the perfect...
2018 VW Golf Sportwagen

Next-Generation VW Golf may ditch the wagon and three-door versions

The next-generation Volkswagen Golf is expected to debut in less than a year and now we're hearing more information about the next Golf. The...
2018 VW Golf

2019 VW Golf gets a smaller 1.4L four-cylinder engine

Volkswagen hasn't announced all the updates to the 2019 Golf lineup, but a new report claims that the Golf is getting a new base...
VW Golf R

2020 VW Golf R could have 400 horsepower

The next-generation VW Golf is just around the corner and now we're hearing some hints about what VW has planned for the 2020 VW...
VW Golf GTI TCR concept

VW Golf GTI TCR concept previews the most powerful GTI yet

Volkswagen has unveiled the Golf GTI TCR concept, which is debuting at this year’s GTI Meeting at Wörthersee. The good news is that the...

VW Golf GTI TCR heads to Wörthersee with 286-hp

Next week Volkswagen is going to reveal a more powerful version of the VW Golf GTI, called the Golf GTI TCR at the Wörthersee...
next-gen vw golf sketch

Next-Gen VW Golf confirmed with 48-volt mild hybrid

Volkswagen has announced that the next-generation Golf will be offered with a 48-volt mild hybrid system, which is part of its plan to offer...
next-gen vw golf sketch

Next-gen VW Golf production kicks off in June 2019

Volkswagen has announced that production of the next generation VW Golf will kick off next summer in June 2019. VW has high hopes for...
VW Golf R Performance

VW may bring the Golf R Performance to the U.S.

Want something even more special than the Volkswagen Golf R? Well VW is reportedly considering the idea of offering the Golf R Performance in...


2019 Ford Edge ST

2019 Ford Edge ST Review: A bit more sport

Since Ford has decided to kill off its whole car lineup with the exception of the Mustang, what does that mean for...

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