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2018 VW Beetle Dune Review

2018 VW Beetle Dune Review: Saying goodbye to an icon

It's almost time to say goodbye to the VW Beetle, since VW just confirmed that next year will be the last year of the...
2019 VW Beetle Final Edition

2019 VW Beetle Final Edition officially ends the Beetle’s run

As expected, 2019 will be last year of the iconic VW Beetle. To celebrate the last year of the Beetle, VW has unveiled the...
2018 VW Beetle Convertible

2019 VW Beetle Final Edition says goodbye to the icon

VW has been quite vocal lately about its future and how the Beetle may not be part of it. VW has yet to give...
2018 VW Beetle

VW Beetle could be reborn as a four-door electric car

Volkswagen recently confirmed that the current VW Beetle will eventually disappear since it isn't working on a next generation model, but there's still hope...
2018 VW Beetle Convertible

VW Beetle isn’t going to disappear anytime soon

Volkswagen recently revealed that it is not working on a next generation Beetle, but that doesn't mean that the Beetle is going to disappear...
2018 VW Beetle

Volkswagen confirms the death of the Beetle

Volkswagen is hard at work filling out its lineup with new SUVs and electric cars, but while its looking to the future, some things...
2018 VW Beetle

Next VW Beetle could arrive as a rear-wheel drive EV

VW has been vocal about the fact that the current VW Beetle isn't a hot seller in its lineup, but unlike the Scirocco, the...
VW Beetle Baja 1000

VW to sponsor the ProjectBaja.com Class 11 Beetle

It's been 50 years since Volkswagen started racing the Baja Bug and to celebrate it, VW has announced that it will sponsor the ProjectBaja.com...
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VW unveils 5 concepts for its enthusiasts at SOWO

Volkswagen has unveiled five new concept cars that are going to debut this weekend at SOWO, the European Experience on Hutchinson Island in Savannah,...
Volkswagen, Volkswagen Beetle, Volkswagen Scirocco, VW Beetle, VW Scirocco, Scirocco, Beetle, Volkswagen Beetle and Scirocco

VW Beetle and Scirocco may be on the chopping block

Volkswagen is still recovering from its diesel misfortunes and as the automaker looks for quick ways to recover, certain models may not be replaced....


2019 Honda Insight Review

2019 Honda Insight Review: Third time’s a charm

Back in 1999, Honda became the first automaker to offer a hybrid in the US with the arrival of the Insight, but...