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2020 Toyota Yaris Hatchback

2020 Toyota Yaris hatchback revealed ahead of its NYC debut

Toyota already sells a sedan version of the Mazda2 as the Yaris sedan in the US, so when Toyota announced some big...
Mazda2 Hatchback

2020 Toyota Yaris Hatchback might be a rebadged Mazda2

Toyota confirmed last week that the Toyota Yaris hatchback is dead for 2019, but also alluded to it coming back for the 2020 model...
2018 Toyota Yaris Liftback

Toyota Yaris Liftback is dead, new Yaris coming for 2020

Toyota has quietly killed off the Toyota Yaris Liftback for the 2019 model year, which isn't too surprising considering the lack of demand for...
2019 Toyota Yaris sedan

2019 Toyota Yaris sedan starts at $16,370

In addition to losing the iA badge, the 2019 Toyota Yaris sedan is also now cheaper than last year's model. The 2019 Yaris sedan...
2019 Toyota Yaris sedan

2019 Toyota Yaris Sedan gets a facelift and a new name

Now that the 2019 Corolla hatchback has officially ditched the old Scion part of its name, the 2019 Yaris has followed suit. Toyota has...
2018 Toyota Yaris

2018 Toyota Yaris priced at $15,635

Toyota has announced the pricing for the updated 2018 Toyota Yaris, which is going to arrive this summer with a starting price set at...

Restyled 2018 Toyota Sienna and Yaris to debut in NYC

Toyota has revealed the updated 2018 Sienna and Yaris ahead of their debut at the New York Auto Show next month. The updated Sienna gets...