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2019 Toyota Sequoia Review

2019 Toyota Sequoia Review: Showing its age

Big, thirsty and comfortable are a few words we'd say about the 2019 Toyota Sequoia. The second-generation Sequoia has been around for...
2017 Toyota 4Runner

Toyota is working on updates to the 4Runner, Sequoia, And Tundra

With the new Camry just arriving and more focus on models, like the RAV4 and new C-HR, it seems that Toyota may have forgotten...

All-New 2008 Toyota Sequoia Starts at $34,150

Toyota has announced the pricing for the all-new 2008 Sequoia SUV. The completely redone Sequoia now starts at $34,150 for the base model, which is...


2019 Honda Insight Review

2019 Honda Insight Review: Third time’s a charm

Back in 1999, Honda became the first automaker to offer a hybrid in the US with the arrival of the Insight, but...


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