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2018 Toyota C-HR Review

2019 Toyota C-HR gets more trim levels

Currently the Toyota C-HR is only available in two trim levels: XLE and XLE Premium, which has reportedly hurt sales a bit for buyers...
Toyota Corolla Plug-in Hybrid

Toyota will introduce 10 electrified vehicles in China by 2020

China is one of the biggest markets for electrified vehicles, which is why several automakers are doubling down on the number of EV models...
2018 Toyota C-HR Review

2019 Toyota C-HR will get Apple CarPlay

Toyota has finally jumped on the Apple CarPlay bandwagon with it arriving in models like the 2019 Avalon, RAV4 and Corolla hatchback. Toyota will...
Toyota C-HR Hy-Power Concept

Toyota C-HR Hy-Power concept previews a sportier hybrid

Toyota has unveiled the Toyota C-HR Hy-Power hybrid concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which is a preview of a new lineup of "high-performance"...
C-HR Hy-Power concept

Toyota C-HR Hy-Power concept and new Land Cruiser head to Frankfurt

The kick off the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show is almost here. Toyota has announced that it will reveal the C-HR Hy-Power concept and the...
2018 Toyota C-HR Review

2018 Toyota C-HR – Review

The SUV/ crossover segment continues its takeover of the auto industry, which started with larger models, like the Ford Explorer, then it moved slightly...
Toyota TJ Cruiser, Toyota FT-4X Concept, Toyota C-HR, Toyota, Toyota crossover

Toyota trademarks TJ Cruiser for the FT-4X?

When Toyota unveiled the FT-4X concept a few months ago, Toyota hinted that the crossover concept could enter production as an alternative to the...