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2019 Honda Insight

2019 Honda Insight is rolling off the production line

Honda has announced that the production of the 2019 Honda Insight kicked off today in Indiana. To support the production of the 2019 Insight,...
2019 Honda Insight

2019 Honda Insight debuts with 151 horsepower and 55 mpg

The Honda Insight is officially back and this time the for the third generation, the 2019 Insight arrives with as a stylish sedan, which...
2019 Honda Insight Prototype

Why did Honda bring back the Insight instead of the Civic...

When Honda unveiled the 2019 Insight last week at the Detroit Auto Show, some have been wondering why it just didn't simply introduce it...
2019 Honda Insight

2019 Honda Insight shows off its stylish duds in Detroit

The Honda Insight was one of the first hybrid models to be introduced, but after two generations, the Insight failed to get the traction...
2019 Honda Insight Prototype

2019 Honda Insight Prototype is ready for its Detroit debut

Honda has released a few more photos and more information about the 2019 Honda Insight Prototype, which is going to debut next week at...
2019 Honda Insight Prototype, 2019 Honda Insight, 2019 Insight

2019 Honda Insight returns as a stylish hybrid sedan

The Honda Insight is back! After two attempts to take on the Toyota Prius, Honda is bringing the Insight back as a stylish hybrid...




2018 Kia Stinger Review

2018 Kia Stinger Review: Just say wow!

A Kia sports sedan? Say what again? Yes... it happened and it's quite good. What are we talking about? The 2018 Kia Stinger -...
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