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Hyundai Nexo

Hyundai delivers the first Nexo fuel cell vehicle

Hyundai is celebrating the delivery of the first 2019 Nexo fuel cell vehicle, which was delivered in Van Nuys, California.
2019 Hyundai Nexo

2019 Hyundai Nexo fuel-cell SUV to arrive by the end of...

The 2019 Hyundai Nexo fuel-cell SUV is slated to arrive in Hyundai dealers by the end of 2018, but unfortunately it's only going to...
Hyundai Fuel Cell Truck

Hyundai Fuel Cell Truck teased ahead of its debut in 2019

Hyundai has announced that it's working on a new fuel cell electric commercial, which is going to debut in 2019. Hyundai isn't quite ready...
hyundai nexo

Hyundai and Audi team up on fuel cell vehicles

Hyundai and Audi have announced that they have entered into a new partnership to develop fuel cell vehicle technology. Even though the agreement is...
2018 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

2018 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell priced at $369 a month

Honda has announced that the 2018 Clarity Fuel Cell is now available and you can lease it starting at $369 a month for 36...
Hyundai Nexo

Hyundai Nexo can travel further than any other fuel cell vehicle

Hyundai has announced that its new Nexo fuel cell vehicle now has the longer driving range than any other fuel cell vehicle in the...
Hyundai Nexo autonomous

Hyundai Nexo fuel cell vehicle travels 118 miles autonomously

Hyundai has announced that a fleet of its new Nexo fuel cell vehicles have successfully traveled 118 miles from Seoul to Pyeongchang autonomously. This...
2017 Toyota Mirai

Toyota has sold over 3,000 Mirai fuel cell vehicles

Even though fuel-cell vehicles aren't nearly as popular as other "green" vehicles, Toyota has announced that it has sold over 3,000 Mirai fuel-cell sedans...
Hyundai Nexo

Hyundai Nexo fuel cell SUV debuts at CES

Fuel cell vehicles have yet to take off as well as regular electric vehicles, but a few automakers continue to invest in the technology....
Hyundai fuel cell vehicle

Hyundai will reveal its new fuel cell vehicle at CES 2018

Hyundai has announced plans to introduce its new fuel cell vehicle next week at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The...


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