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Dyson electric vehicles

Dyson will build its electric cars in Singapore

Dyson has yet to unveil its new electric car, but it has already decided that it will build its first electric car in Singapore....
Dyson electric vehicles

Dyson trademarks ‘Digital Motor’ for its electric cars

Dyson is now one step closer to introducing its new electric car. Dyson recently trademarked the "Digital Motor" phrase for its new range of...
Dyson electric vehicles

Dyson is planning three electric cars, first one coming in 2021

Today Dyson is known for its excellent vacuums and other household appliances, but it has ambitions to release an electric car. Dyson has already...
Dyson electric vehicles

Tesla found out about Dyson’s electric car two years ago

Dyson recently revealed plans to enter the automotive industry with its own electric car. While the news may have been quite a surprise, it...
Dyson electric vehicles

Dyson may build a range of electric vehicles

A few days ago Dyson announced its plans to introduce a new electric car. Shortly after the announcement, founder James Dyson also revealed that...
Dyson Electric Car

Dyson wants to introduce an electric car by 2020

Dyson is a household name for its innovative vacuum cleaners and hand dryers, but the company wants to expand further. Dyson has announced plans...
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