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2017 Cadillac CTS

Cadillac CT5 confirmed after ATS, CTS and XTS depart

Over the past week there have been lots of reports about certain models that GM and Ford may kill off in the coming years....
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2018 Cadillac XTS gets refreshed

Cadillac has unveiled the updated 2018 Cadillac XTS, which has refreshed styling, chassis improvements and improved technologies. On the outside the 2018 Cadillac XTS gets...
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Restyled 2018 Cadillac XTS leaked

The Cadillac XTS has been around for four years, so it's time for a refresh of the big sedan. Cadillac hasn't released any info...


2018 VW Golf R Review

2018 VW Golf R Review: When you can only have one...

The VW GTI is one of our favorite cars, not only because it's fun to drive, but it can also double as the perfect...
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