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2019 Toyota Corolla

Apple CarPlay gets Waze integration with iOS 12

Apple has unveiled the updates to its newest operating system, iOS 12, which brings some big updates, which includes the ability to use third-party...
myCadillac app, Cadillac, GM, Apple, Apple Watch

Cadillac’s myCadillac app now integrates with the Apple Watch

Cadillac has announced that its myCadillac app now can be accessed via the Apple Watch. The app will automatically sync with the Apple Watch...
Apple and Hertz, Apple, Hertz, Lexus, Lexus RS 450h, autonomous technology, self driving car

Apple teams up with Hertz to test its self-driving technology

Apple recently confirmed that it is not working on a new car and is instead testing new self-driving technology. Now it's being reported that...
apple, apple autonomous technology, tim cook, self-driving car, apple autonomous

Apple to develop self-driving car tech, not an actual car

It's been rumored for years that Apple is going to enter the automotive industry with its own car, but Apple CEO Tim Cook has...
Do Not Disturb While Driving, Apple iOS 11, apple do not disturb, do not disturb iphone text messages, Apple iPhone

Apple iOS 11 adds ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ feature

Apple has unveiled all the updates to its latest iOS 11 operation system, which includes lots of new features, like improved Apple Pay and...