Next Porsche Cayman GT4 won’t be turbocharged

The 2017 Porsche Boxster and Cayman switched to turbocharged engines when the 718 models debuted last year. Since the regular versions of the Boxster and Cayman ditched their naturally-aspirated six-cylinders, there’s been questions about what will power the next Cayman GT4. Well Porsche fans will be excited to hear that the next Cayman GT4 will reportedly buck the trend and stick with a naturally-aspirated six-cylinder.

According to Car and Driver, the next-gen Cayman GT4 will not be turbocharged. Comments from Porsche’s GT development boss Andreas Preuninger hint that the new GT3 will get a large naturally-aspirated flat six-cylinder.

“Natural aspiration is one of our main selling propositions,” Preuninger said. “We offer a car for people who want to feel something special, who want to have as much emotion as possible, as much throttle response and immediacy from a sports-car engine. And at Motorsport we think that can be achieved a little bit better with a [naturally aspirated] high-revving engine than any kind of turbo.”

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The question still remains about what flat-six will power the next Cayman GT4, which is expected to debut sometime next year. The last one was powered by a 3.8L flat-six from the 911 Carrera, but now it’s rumored that the new one will be powered by the 4.0L six-cylinder, from the 911 GT3.

Lastly the next GT4 will most likely continue to offer a manual transmission, although the PDK dual-clutch automatic could be an option.


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