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Nissan Teatro for Dayz concept is a smartphone on wheels


Nissan Teatro_for_Dayz

Nissan has revealed one of its latest concepts, the Teatro for Dayz, which is going to debut at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. It’s no secret that the newest generation of drivers have less interest in cars than older generations, so Nissan is presenting the Teatro for Dayz concept, which is an attempt to appeal to a new generation.

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The “Teatro for Dayz” name is drawn from the Italian word for theater and a Nissan minicar. The concept has an innovative design and features that enable share natives to create and share experiences immediately with friends both onboard and online. Designed under the concept “a clean canvas,” its key feature is its smooth white interior that allows the instrument panel, seats and even door trim to serve as a blank canvas for expression.


Nissan says that the main point of the Teatro for Dayz, is that it shows that “cars can be mobile devices for occupants interested in creating, connecting and sharing.”

Nissan Teatro_for_Dayz

Source: Nissan