Mini Rocketman Gets the Green Light?

Mini officially unveiled the Rocketman concept in Geneva earlier this month. The small Mini concept was a throwback to the original Mini. According to BMW’s sales and marketing head, Ian Robertson, the Mini Rocketman could be produced.

Robertson recently told Autocar, “We are good at looking at history and interpreting a future for it.” He went on to point out that most Mini concept cars do eventually end up being produced. According to Robertson, all future Mini models could be influenced by the Rocketman concept, “The themes in the car are not just about a smaller Mini,” he said. “Lightweight construction, and new types of components will go on to Minis. The BMW i-concept [lightweight and alternative energy] will be available to all members of the group.”

Although Mini is looking into producing the Rocketman and has recently introduced new models like the Countryman and Clubman, the models will not be a threat to the Cooper.

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