Mercedes-Benz SLC is going bye bye

It’s being reported that Mercedes-Benz has removed the SLC roadster from its future product plans, which simply means that its days are numbered. Formally known as the SLK, the SLC is no longer a sought after German roadster like it was when it was originally introduced in the late 1990s.

The reports come from Automobile Magazine, who is reporting Mercedes-Benz has no plans for a new SLC, but it’s not yet known how long the current SLC will stick around in the lineup. Mercedes-Benz may have to reverse its decision to kill the SLC, if BMW’s upcoming Z5 is a success.

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Automobile Magazine is also spilling some of the details about the next-generation SL, which is due in 2020. Thew new SL will reportedly evolve into a more spacious 2+2-seater and even getting rid of the retractable hardtop in for a classic folding soft-top.


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