Lexus UX 300e could be the brand’s first EV

Toyota has been pretty vocal about its decision to not jump on the electric car bandwagon yet, even though several of its rivals have. While Toyota has its reservations about fully electric cars, it may be working on an electric version of the Lexus UX crossover, since Toyota recently filed a trademark for the UX 300e name.

AutoGuide recently discovered that Toyota filed an application with the European Intellectual Property Office for the “UX 300e” name. Lexus currently applies a lowercase “h” to its hybrid models, like the UX250h, so the lowercase “e” could be used for a fully electric version of the UX crossover.

Even if Toyota did trademark the UX 300e name, it’s not yet known if it intends to use it. Since the name is pretty specific, the chances are high that the electric Lexus UX 300e is in our future, but we don’t know when.

Source: AutoGuide

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