Lexus is saying goodbye to traditional side mirrors with the introduction of its new Digital Outer Mirrors, which are debuting in Japan on the 2019 Lexus ES. Several automakers have shown similar digital side mirrors on concept cars, but Lexus says its new Digital Outer Mirrors are the first to be available on a mass-produced car.

2019 Lexus ES Digital Outer Mirrors

The new Digital Outer Mirrors not only look cool, but it also provides the driver with a better view of the surrounding area than a traditional side mirror. The Lexus Digital Outer Mirrors transmit the images of the surrounding area onto five-inch display monitors inside the vehicle that are mounted on the A-pillars. The mirrors also have the ability to resist raindrops and snow from ruining the view.

2019 Lexus ES Digital Outer Mirrors

The Digital Outer Mirrors also automatically adjust the view based on when the turn signals are activated or when the transmission is put in reverse.

2019 Lexus ES Digital Outer Mirrors

Besides the added view benefits, Lexus also points out that the Digital Outer Mirrors reduce wind noise and no longer block the view outside the front windows, since they are smaller than traditional mirrors.

As of right now the Digital Outer Mirrors are only available in Japan, but it could introduce the technology in other markets depending on local regulations.

Source: Lexus