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Spy Photos of Hyundai's New Rear-Wheel-Drive Coupe…Hyundai Moves Up Market

Hyundai’s upcoming rear-wheel-drive coupe has been caught testing in Korea. Hyundai has many new vehicles in the works including the new rear-wheel-drive Genesis sedan and this upcoming coupe. These two vehicles alone will move Hyundai into new segments that the automaker has never been in before.

Although this is the second time we are seeing spy photos of the new coupe, no one really knows the actual details about it. Basically is this coupe going to be based on the same platform as the new Genesis? According to Winding Road the RWD coupe will be powered by a V6 engine, but we do not know the size and how much power it will have. The biggest question concerns the name of this new coupe. Will it be branded as the Tiburon or will it have a new name?

This new coupe when it comes out sometime next year is going to compete against the Infiniti G37 and BMW 3-Series like vehicles. It is rumored that the car will have three different engine options, a naturally aspirated V6, a supercharged 3.8L V6 and a V8 with at least 300 horsepower.

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