Hyundai is giving the world a preview of its future full-size SUV with the debut of the Grandmaster concept at the Busan Motor Show. The Grandmaster concept is also the second concept, following the Le Fil Rouge, that previews Hyundai’s future design language.

Hyundai Grandmaster concept

Hyundai calls its future design language “Sensuous Sportiness,” which is part of Hyundai’s goal to add more emotion into its designs, similar to what Toyota has done with its newest models.

“Today we showcased two concept vehicles as a blueprint for our evolved design strategy,” said SangYup Lee, Vice President and head of Hyundai styling. “Making a big step forward in terms of design with the Hyundai Look strategy, we will move towards becoming a brand that customers can really relate to emotionally. Moving on from being a brand that provides a great value, we will aspire to also become a brand that is widely beloved by our customers.”

Hyundai Grandmaster concept

Hyundai came up with the name “Grandmaster” from the game of chess.

“While the world’s finest chess champion is called the grandmaster, the concept vehicle is named to indicate that just as the sum of all chess pieces completes the game of chess, all forthcoming Hyundai vehicles will come to form a harmonious vehicle line-up demonstrating the Hyundai Look while each maintains distinctive character and role.”

Hyundai hasn’t given a time frame of when its new full-size SUV will debut, but it did recently trademark the “Palisade” name, which could be used for the new SUV.

Source: Hyundai