2018 Hyundai Kona photos hit the web

Hyundai is going to officially reveal the 2018 Hyundai Kona sub-compact crossover tomorrow, but we have our first low-res photos of the new Kona now. At this point we’ve seen so many leaked photos of the 2018 Kona, that tomorrow’s reveal won’t really be all too surprising.

Hyundai-blog has posted four photos of the new Kona, including a photo of the interior, which we haven’t seen before. The photos also show the Kona in a new lime green color that shows off the aggressive styling of the exterior more. The 2018 Kona is hoping to appeal to the millennial crowd with its unique exterior that will hopefully set it a part from the rest of the crowded segment.

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The Kona is expected to borrow DNA from the i20 and i30 models. There’s also a report that an all-electric Kona with a driving range around 200 miles is going to arrive late next year.

Stay tuned for all the details tomorrow when the Kona is officially unveiled.


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