Not everyone wants to drive an appliance, but although many of us would love to be able to afford something like a Porsche, that’s just not a reality. But there’s hope, for those drivers that want to add a bit more fun than the typical forgettable compact sedan there are few more memorable models, like the VW Jetta GLI and Honda Civic Si. Although Honda and VW have dominated the compact sport segment for years, Hyundai is jumping in the sporty compact segment with models, like the Veloster Turbo and the new 2017 Hyundai Elantra Sport. The Veloster is Hyundai’s answer to the compact sport hatch, but can the Elantra Sport rival the Civic Si sedan? Here are the five things you need to know about the 2017 Elantra Sport:

3Stylish and classy

Compared to the last generation Elantra, the newest Elantra has a classy and sophisticated look that is welcome in the compact segment. The styling is less techy looking compared to the new Civic and looks a class or two above the Toyota Corolla. Speaking of the Corolla, the Elantra looks like its ready to hug the road, while the Corolla merely floats down the road.

Inside, the Elantra Sport features a well styled interior that isn’t covered in too much hard plastic. The overall layout of the dashboard is simple and low, with everything laid out as it should be. The interior is also large with 6-foot riders easily fitting in the back.