Honda is working on a larger rear-wheel drive EV platform

The Honda e is a cute retro-styled electric car, but the bad news is that Honda has no plans to bring it to the US. But don’t worry, Honda has revealed that it is working on a larger EV platform that will be used for a range of new EVs for the US.

Honda is currently working on a global EV platform that will arrive before 2025 and be used for a lineup of several electric vehicles, which will include crossovers and sedans. Honda has also revealed that the new EV platform will be rear-wheel drive with the electric motor in the rear. The setup will also give the EVs perfect 50:50 weight distribution and the modular platform is also being designed to feature a second electric motor at the front axle if all-wheel drive is needed.

“This new architecture is designed to achieve smooth driving and highly efficient packaging,” Ayumu Matsuo, Honda’s managing officer in charge of power unit development told Automotive News. “We believe it will meet the needs of customers who like our C-segment and D-segment models.”

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