Honda Civic Type R to get more versions and possibly all-wheel drive

The 2017 Honda Civic Type R has finally arrived in showrooms, marking the first time that the Civic Type R has been sold in the U.S. The 306 horsepower Civic Type R is the most powerful Honda-badged model ever sold in the United States, but Honda is reportedly already working on additional versions.

Honda is considering an all-wheel drive Civic Type R and even a more powerful version

To keep sales up of the Civic Type R, Honda is planning on introducing more versions over the current generation’s lifetime. Honda is going to do something that’s similar to what Porsche and Chevy, with their multiple iterations and special editions to keep sales up.

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We’re hoping that by gradually putting out more [variants] that we’ll be able to maintain a more stable sales volume,” Hideki Matsumoto, chief engineer for the Civic model range, revealed to Automotive News.

There are several options, with the most obvious one being a more powerful and hardcore version, but Honda is also considering a more toned-down version. This version would be “focused more on the grand touring aspect” and would help broaden the Civic Type R’s appeal. One of the other big criticism’s of the Civic Type R, is that it sends all of its 306 horsepower to only the front wheels, well fans will be happy to hear that an all-wheel drive version could also be in the cards.

The all-wheel drive Civic Type R would help it compete with the VW Golf R, Subaru WRX STI and Ford Focus RS.

Next year it’s also expected that Honda is going to introduce a cheaper, base Civic Type R, which will make the Civic Type R even more attainable.


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