Ford’s new SUVs could be called the Maverick or Timberline

Now that Ford has killed off most of its car lineup, the attention is now turning to its crossover and SUV lineup. Ford has already confirmed the return of the Bronco, but what is it planning? Ford recently announced the addition of a new small off-road hungry crossover and now we might know what it will be called.

Ford Bronco teaser

Ford recently filed trademarks for the Maverick and Timberline names, which means that one of the names could be used for the new small crossover. While Ford is not telling us if either name will be used, Ford recently confirmed a new range of off-road SUVs.

This isn’t the first time that the Maverick name has been used by Ford, since the name was first used by a small car in the 1970s and then again for the non-US version of the original Ford Escape. The Timberline name has yet to be used, but it’s name obviously makes you think about the outdoors.


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