BMW to launch ‘Access by BMW’ subscription service

Automakers are trying everything they can do to reach a younger audience, from quirky styling, to the latest tech features and small urban friendly models. Now several automakers are launching a new subscription service that is easier and less restrictive than even a traditional lease. Recently Mercedes-Benz announced that its looking into a subscription service and now BMW is poised to test its own service starting next week.

According to Automotive News, BMW will launch its “Access by BMW” subscription service next week in Tennessee. BMW is following Volvo, Cadillac, and even Porsche who have all announced subscription plans. Even Lexus announced a few days ago that it is also launching a subscription plan this fall with the introduction of the 2019 UX crossover.

The new subscription plans are being aimed at buyers that want more flexibility than a lease or finance contract provides. The subscription plans allow for the ability to switch between vehicles faster and the monthly price includes the cost of the car, maintenance and even insurance.

It’s not known which markets BMW will launch the “Access by BMW” subscription plan in after Tennessee.

Source: Automotive News

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