BMW is reportedly going to stop production of the M3 F80-generation this August, since it doesn’t meet Europe’s emissions requirements. According to a spokesman, the current BmW M3 needs a new particulate filter to meet the requirements of the new Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP).

2018 BMW M3

The re-homologation process after the update to the M3 would prevent the updated M3 from getting to market before the next-generation 3 Series debuts in October, so BMW has decided to pull the plug. The current M3 will go out of production when the rest of the 3 Series range does.

The M4 won’t have the same fate, since the current 4 Series models will continue to go on sale into 2019. Sales of the M4 will stop for a few months to make the filter change.

The next-generation M3 is expected to arrive in 2020.