BMW iNEXT SUV concept will preview an electric SUV this year

BMW Vision Next 100

BMW has confirmed plans to unveil the BMW iNEXT SUV concept later this year, which will preview its upcoming electric SUV, which will arrive in 2021. The new electric SUV will be about the same size as the X5 and in addition to a fully electric powertrain, the SUV will also be able to drive autonomously.

Head of BMW i Product Management Alexander Kotouc recently told Auto Express, “I can promise you that this year you will see something and touch something – you need to let people experience what is coming. It’s groundbreaking; the iNEXT will be more of the shape and size of an X5. It will have a completely different interior and be able to seat five people.”

When the iNEXT arrives, it will be one of the first models based on BMW’s new common platform, which will eventually be used for electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid models and even gas and diesel powered models. BMW also predicts that by 2021, its battery technology will give its electric cars a driving range up to 435 miles.

The design of the iNEXT SUV is also close to being signed off as well, since Kotouc stated, “I saw last week the latest design ideas and I can say it’s really impressive. It’s looking bold; people will buy it even if they don’t want an electric car because of the design.”


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